Princeton Neuroscience Institute "Inside-out" Seminars

Organizers: Ahmed El Hady and Aaron M. Bornstein

The "Inside-Out" seminars bring professors from departments inside Princeton, but outside of Neuroscience, to speak with the PNI community about scholarship that impacts ideas and practices in our field. We are hoping to foster a trans-disciplinary dialogue that enriches our understanding of the societal forces shaping neuroscience and vice-versa.

The first series will feature talks on a range of topics: how neuroscience impacts and interacts with conceptions of race, how "free will" is formulated in quantum mechanics, how implicit biases can be measured in machine learning models of human language use, and what this might mean for how bias is transmitted, and how the metaphors we use to think about the mind and brain have shaped their study in science and medicine.

The four seminars will be held on Thursdays, at 4:30pm, in Room A32, the time and location regularly reserved for Neuroscience Seminars, and will be followed by a reception with the speakers. The lectures will be video recorded and posted online.

Spring 2018